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The game has a stock design and requires players to try to anticipate when the stock graph will collapse in order to gain the best rewards. To do so, you must be vigilant on the gameplay screen and take advantage of any opportunity that arises. Make one or more bets and take home large profits! There are several chances for you to earn big in the Lucky Crumbling game!

Game Features


You may wager on the same round twice and combine them. The amount of bets varies, as does the Cash Out option.


You can compete against each other in a bid to obtain the greatest result, which might see you featured among the top 100 players.


The special mixture is suited for those who like to take big risks and also for playing with low danger (early cash out). The multiplier may be as high as x1000. From 1, the multiplier increases, but there are also rapid downturns at 0.

How to Play at Lucky Crumbling

To begin the game, pick the amount you wish to wager and push the Bet button. If you join a game while it is in progress and the round has begun, you may bet on the following round. Between rounds, there is a five-second time limit during which players may bet.

The beginning of the round is marked by the development of the image, which begins at x1 and might reach x1000. You may collect your profits at any time before the picture falls. If you do not manage to get your money and the graphic’s collapse, your bet will be void.

To withdraw money from the game, go to the Cash Out page. Clicking the Cash out option after the picture has crashed is considered a loss.


Bet now: You may start playing the game by clicking the Bet button, which will begin a new round of betting at your initial bet.

Cancel: You may also cancel your bet by clicking this button.

Bet on next round: You may bet on the next round by clicking this button.

Cash out: You may earn cash before the market plummets by clicking this button.

Quick bets: A user can quickly change bets by pressing these buttons.

Balance: Display your account balance.

Total Bet: Displays the total bet value for a round.

Hash: By clicking the hash button, you will get a copy of the game round’s hash.

Sidebar: To turn on or off the sound, use the options panel by clicking on the Sidebar. You can also quickly switch to full-screen mode or exit it. On the options panel are buttons for rules, history, and settings.

Settings: You can access the settings by clicking on the Settings button, which will bring you to a menu with game options and various sound and visual configurations.

Rules: Display a full description of the game rules and features.

History: By clicking the History button, you may go back and review your last game round. It might take some time to update the history list.

Betting Stategy for playing in Lucky Crumbling

The main task of the player is to make a profit. The size of the potential winnings depends on the amount of the bet and the multiplier at which you cash out. If you play at low multipliers, then you need to be more careful, since there is a high probability of an instant crash. And if you play at high multipliers, then you need to have time to click the Cash Out button before the graphic crashes. Also, an important factor is the number of bets placed on one round. You can place two bets on one round, which will increase your chances of winning, but it should be borne in mind that this also increases your risks.

The best strategy for playing Lucky Crumbling is to try to balance your risks and potential rewards. Don`t bet too much on one round, and try to spread your bets out over multiple rounds. And always be ready to click the Cash Out button when you`re ahead!


Evoplay’s Lucky Crumbling is a simple multipler game. You may make numerous bets together in the range of € 7 to € 750 at once. The graph on the screen gradually rises and your rate rises as a result. The aim of the game is to determine when it’s time to cash out. At any moment, the graph on the monitor might collapse, causing your bet to go up in smoke. In Lucky Crumbling, x1000 is the maximum multiplier.


How do I place a bet?

Just click on the desired amount in the lower left corner of the screen. Then click on the Bet

What is a multiplier?

This is a number that indicates how many times your initial bet you can win. The maximum multiplier is x1000.

What does it mean to cash out?

This means that you can collect your winnings at any time, even before the end of the round. Just click on the Cash out button.

What is the maximum amount I can bet?

The maximum amount you can bet is 750 EUR.

What is the minimum amount I can bet?

The minimum amount you can bet is 1 EUR.

What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout is 750 000 EUR.

How does the game work?

Just try to predict when the stock graph will crash in exchange for the highest winnings. To do this, you need to carefully monitor what is happening on the gameplay screen and be brave to take advantage of the moment. Place one or even two bets and collect huge winnings! In the Lucky Crumbling game, there are several opportunities for you to win big!

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